Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shir Poetry (get it?): Don't Forget Me

This is the first good poem I've ever written. And by good I mean the kind of poem that doesn't stick to the standard rhyming-4-line-verse-poems that I spent most of my childhood writing. It was this very poem that inspired me to start a blog and I hope you find meaning in these words, as well as the words of any future poetry to come. Welcome to my absurd mind.

Don't forget me.

We say we want to forget it all,
to make it easy.
And yet the furthest thing from easy,
is this.
Every breathe, every thought, every touch, every kiss...
That's me, that's you, that's us.
Life is pain,
hidden behind your smile,
where time is the only enemy.
For me, for you, for us.
So I wait,
for when my soul is released from its captivity.
Left free to be me, to be you, to be us.
Alone together.
Don’t forget.
Just hold on.