Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shir Poetry: From back in the day...

Here are a few oldies that I wrote back in the day. They're not that challenging, but they sure are fun :)


A never ending party
With a pricey cover fee
A flood of youthful bodies
Not too sure of what to be

Endless shots of vodka
And clubs called 'century'
The biggest stress the frosh face
Is to find good fake ID!

Instant, boundless freedom
New found independence
Means we do our own laundry

A place of 'education'
To be all that we can be?
FUCK THAT! Have a beer!
Cheers, to University!!


When you're feeling stressed out
And need a break from life
When all your problems stab you
Like a dull and rusty knife

When all you need is perking up
A bright red EXIT sign
There's three thing I can think of
To put things back in line

Stress is universal
A nasty wretched hex
And our defense against it

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shir Poetry: I have a voice

I have a voice that seldom sleeps,
And in my mind it's always speaking thoughts to me.
I wish the world could hear its cries,
Could hear the message that's been building up inside.
They’d seek out truth,
They’d see my dream:
A world devoid of hate,
A world of peace.
Please heed this voice,
Its selfless plea,
A hug for each and every person that you see.
Through child-like eyes
The way is clear
I have a voice I wish that everyone could hear.