Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shir Poetry: I'm OK with that

I go to bed alone and I'm OK with that,
Because at least I have a bed to keep me warm.
I greet the day alone but I'm just fine with that,
Because at least I wake up in a stable home.
I don't always have someone to call each moment
And I don't always have a plan for Friday night
So I don't shy away from talk about the weather
Cause it's ok to not have something on your mind.
Everyday above the ground is something special.
With every breathe I take I feel that I'm alive.
And I can say for fact that I'm a decent person
Depsite some scummy ones I've let into my life.
I can look into a mirror and feel pretty.
Without a hint of narcissism in the way,
And when I look back on the paths I took to get here
I don't regret a single step I took to date.
I'd erase the painful memories in storage
If I could save the lessons that I learned from them
I am me because of everyday before this
And I'll be OK with how things turn out in the end.

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